Google is piloting sponsored results for app searches

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Google plans to pilot sponsored search results in Google Play in the next few weeks, offering a new way for app developers to promote themselves. Under the program, sponsored results will include an orange “ad” tag, like you see with paid search results online. Clicking on the ads will direct you to an app instead of a website, though. In …


5 Simple Steps to Marketing your Blog’s Content with Social Media

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A blogger needs to develop the skills of a drug dealer, a teacher and a chef . The drug dealers make their product so good that after giving away their first free sample, their customers come back with the cash. They are savvy businessman, they know that if they give away something for free that they will develop loyal customers. …

Having a Website is like Owning a House

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In its most basic sense, a website is a presence on the Internet that people can visit and view.   Through an Internet browser, people can go to your designated URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and view data that you want to share with the world, such as information, pictures and videos. More complex websites can perform additional functions, such as selling …


5 Quick and Easy Ways to Use Social Media to Build Your Email List

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Email marketing is huge and likely will be for many years to come. In fact, in Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s recently released 2015 State of Marketing Report, 73 percent of 5,000 marketers agreed that email marketing is core to their businesses and 60 percent went so far as to say that it was a “critical enabler” of their products and services, …


How to Integrate Email and Social Media to Increase Engagement

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Back in the day, social media meant dealing with Facebook only, or maybe MySpace. These days, there are so many different social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit – it’s difficult to keep up. However, social media has become an essential element of online marketing. In fact, you may be tempted to believe that email marketing is passé. …


How to Make Your Customers Look Awesome On Social Media

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It should be your prime objective to make your customers look awesome on social media. If you succeed in doing this, your customers will reward you richly. There’s no denying that your customers are all-important and they hold the keys to making your company more successful. It is assumed that your customers already understand your brand’s value and popularity. Your …


Developing A Facebook Strategy

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Many companies have a Facebook presence, but according to social media consultant and trainer Khaled ElAhmad, few are making the most of the platform. “Companies often have no strategy and no help from a professional person,” he said. “They just think, okay, if my son can do it then we can do it.” But ElAhmad, who runs in-house social media …


Personal Branding on LinkedIn: 10 Mistakes to Avoid

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LinkedIn is a fantastic online business networking platform for professionals. It has almost become the default global network for all serious business people to connect, engage and share ideas due to its sheer size with over 175 million registered users. From day one it was set up for the express purpose of  providing an easy to use portal to exchange …

How Important is Social Media Engagement in Overall SEO?

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Remember when people got excited because they had 100 followers in Twitter? I joined in 2007, when Twitter was still in the nest, so to speak. It was really FUN then because I actually knew all of my followers and we had great conversations every day. I loved it. Then along came the marketers, and I soon started to look …


11 Ways to Get More Followers for Your Google+ Business Page

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Do you want to grow your Google+ Page? Are you looking for ways to get your Google+ Page noticed? Most people broadcast their content on Google+ and hope for engagement, but there are better tactics to grow your audience on Google+. In this article you’ll discover 11 ways to get more followers for your Google+ Page. Find out how to …