About MyDigiBrand

MyDigiBrand is a digital marketing firm that specializes in creating online digital brands for businesses and individuals alike. We believe an online brand is more than just a pretty website and a Facebook fan page. It’s all about credibility, reputation and revenues.

MyDigiBrand creates powerful online brands for our clients by designing modern WordPress websites that are both SEO (search engine optimization) and mobile friendly. We then wrap an engaging social media strategy around it to build credibility and reputation for our clients and the services they offer.

This is what makes MyDigiBrand stand apart from our competitors. When we launch your website, not only will it be beautiful and functional… but you’ll also have a social media presence to boot.

Jerry Roxas, Founder of MyDigiBrand

Jerry is a seasoned, executive level operations manager with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong background in information technology and software development. He is a firm believer in agile methodologies, and is a Certified Scrum Master. Jerry’s senior management roles include being charged with overseeing the day to day operational functions of organizations, including the IT infrastructure, technical support, software development and customer service.

As an entrepreneur, Jerry has co-founded and sold multiple companies in the financial services industry, specializing in the acquisition, servicing and sale of distressed consumer debt portfolios. He co-designed and developed a proprietary pricing model and loan servicing application that were key factors in raising over $150 million in working capital and lines of credit, and he has been directly involved in the purchase and sale of over $3.5 billion in consumer debt. More recently, Jerry has been applying his website development skills to helping small businesses and individuals establish and maintain their online brands.