Refund & Exchange Policy

ALL TRANSACTIONS ARE FINAL, NO EXCHANGES, RETURNS OR REFUNDS. MyDigiBrand is a service based company and does not offer or sell physical products. As a service based company, all payments made to MyDigiBrand are for services rendered and are not eligible for exchanges, returns or refunds.


At MyDigiBrand, we recognize that our clients expect high quality service and value for their money. To demonstrate our commitment to our clients and faith in our superior level of service, MyDigiBrand only requires a 50%, non-refundable deposit on all of it’s website services, unless otherwise specified (i.e. payment in full is required if a discounted rate has been given due to non-profit or charitable status). In exchange for their deposit, MyDigiBrand will perform 100% of the website development work that was requested. If, for whatever reason, our clients are not satisfied with our website development services, the remaining balance will not be due and MyDigiBrand will retain all rights to the work that was performed. If our clients are satisfied with the website development services we have provided, the remaining balance will be due and payable prior to their website being launched and visible on the Internet. Upon receipt of final payment, our clients retain ownership rights to all website development work that was provided.


ALL social media services provided by MyDigiBrand are performed live, are instantaneously visible on the public Internet, and are immediately the property of the client. As such, our social media services cannot be retracted, refunded or returned to MyDigiBrand by our clients. For this reason, MyDigiBrand requires a 100%, non-refundable deposit prior to providing any social media services.

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