Marketers “Secret Sauce” for Social Media in 2014

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With new Google algorithms, social advertising, and big data, the online marketing game has been revolutionized. Social media continues to be a way for businesses to get their brand traction and drive conversions. Take a look at some of these “secret sauce” formulas for better social media marketing.

Social Media as a Research Tool
Use social media as your research tool. Social media is being used more and more to mine for actionable insight and highly relevant information on consumers. Individual and company blogs, tweets, and posts can be mined for data about types of products they are looking for, unhappiness with another product, etc. With more people and companies turning to social to vent their frustrations and announce their every move, there is a ton of information there on which to base business decisions.

Content is King
Content that is specific, high quality, and accessible is king. If an individual or company writes 50,000 words on a specific niche topic in the next 12 months, that person will be one of the internet’s leading experts on that topic. But it takes determination and someone has to read it. There are brilliant and complex content funnels from individuals like Neil Patel. The trick is to start simple, get momentum and then leverage it. Using tools like writers can see what is popular about a specific topic, recreate that content for their own purposes, and then connect with people who have already shown a dedicated interest. And, if you’re looking for niche writers, there’s a new tool that’s hit the streets called ClearVoice where you can search for authoritative writers based on subject matter expertise.

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