How To Restore Your WordPress Website

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Snapshot Files

MyDigiBrand provides a complete snapshot of each of our website projects to our clients shortly after their website is launched. The snapshot files are emailed to our clients via Hightail (a secure email service), and should be stored in a secure location by the client. It is the clients responsibility that their snapshot files be stored somewhere safe that can be easily accessed in the event of an emergency.

Although MyDigiBrand does maintain backup copies of the snapshot files, we cannot guaranty those copies will be maintained for any specified amount of time.

How to Restore Your WordPress Website

You can restore your snapshot files to either your existing website hosting service, or to an entirely different website hosting service. You should be aware that a restore is a complete re-installation of ALL files related to a WordPress website. Therefore, any existing website (and all associated content, images, etc.) on your website server will be completely and irrevocably replaced with the snapshot version of the website you are restoring.

  1. Create a new WordPress instance on the server you wish to install the snapshot on.
  2. Copy the snapshot files (the Archive zip file AND the Installer PHP file) into the root directory of the new WordPress instance using the cPanel File Manager.
  3. Using an editor like Notepad, open the wp-config.php file in the root director of the new WordPress instance.
    1. Search for DB_NAME, and make a note of the database name.
    2. Search for DB_USER, and make a note of the database user.
    3. Search for DB_PASSWORD, and make a note of the database password.
  4. Rename the wp-config.php file to wp-config_OLD.php in the root directory of the new WordPress instance.
  5. From a browser, open the Installer PHP file (i.e. Go to
  6. Change the settings as follows:
    1. Action: Connect and Remove All Data
    2. Host: localhost
    3. Name: Enter the DB_NAME you retrieved above
    4. User: Enter the DB_USER you retrieved above
    5. Password: Enter the DB_PASSWORD you retrieved above
  7. Click on the ‘Test Connection’ to confirm that everything is correct. If you receive a ‘SUCCESS’ message, you are clear to continue.
  8. Click on the ‘Run Deployment’ button to begin replicating the site.

Once the snapshot of your site is restored, it will be an exact duplicate of your website as it was originally launched. To complete the restore process, you will need to do the following:

  1. Disconnect and reauthorize Jetpack for BOTH the old and new WordPress sites.
  2. DELETE the ‘Installer.php’ AND the ‘Archive’ files from the root directory of the new WordPress site.
  3. If the following plugins are installed, activate them:
    1. WP Toolbar Removal
    2. Flexi Quote Rotator

Disclaimer: At MyDigiBrand, we assist small businesses and individuals with establishing and maintaining a powerful and engaging online presence via a strategic combination of a variety of third party products, tools and services. MyDigiBrand is proud to provide our clients with the information contained herein to assist them with managing and maintaining the services we have provided for them. Unfortunately, due to the sheer magnitude of features that are available through these third party services, MyDigiBrand cannot and does not provide training to our clients beyond what is available in these How To’s.

You’re MyDigiBrand website is built on WordPress, a feature rich content management system (CMS). As such, you have complete control over your website design and content via your WordPress Dashboard. Although MyDigiBrand provides basic instructions to our clients on how to manage their WordPress website content and design, we strongly suggest that you take caution when making changes. MyDigiBrand cannot be responsible for inadvertent mistakes and/or errors to your website made by you or your associates. Although we will try to assist you as necessary, you may be subject to our normal hourly rates to correct any mistakes and/or errors not created by MyDigiBrand.

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