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Premier Business Network

The founder of MyDigiBrand also owns Premier Business Network, LLC (“PBN”), an exclusive membership group for small businesses, entrepreneurs and innovative business people. PBN members received Guaranteed Benefits for Small Businesses®. Our members save up to 40% on every day business services from nationally recognized brands such as Dell, QuickBooks, FedEx, UPS, GoDaddy, Office Depot Max, Constant Contact, Hertz, LifeLock, GoToMeeting and more. Plus, PBN members also save up to 50% on every day consumer shopping via our online coupons and mobile app.

To become a member of PBN, members must pay a one-time, $149.95 application fee, and then $19.95/month for as long as they want to be a member. That comes out to $389.95 for their first year of membership.

As a special tool to help you close MyDigiBrand sales, we’re allowing you to give away, absolutely free, ten (10) free memberships in PBN! Use these free memberships wisely! They can be an ice breaker, a teaser, or even an added bonus if they purchase a website from you today!

To find out more about PBN and it’s membership values, go to

To giveaway a free PBN membership, simply submit the Recipient Questionnaire below. Remember, you are only allotted a specific number of free PBN memberships, so use them wisely as a sales tool!

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